PERSONAL: Food Truck Showdown / by Carrie Turner

Food trucks are to adults what ice cream trucks are to children.
— Andrew Harrison

Oh, Asheville. One of the reasons we moved here was a restaurant. We came to Asheville on our honeymoon, and in search of a restaurant on our first night here we stumbled upon quaint little Wall Street in downtown. Without planning to, we ended up in a vegetarian restaurant with the atmosphere, food, and vibe to show us that this little town was charming enough to make us want to pull up our stakes in Ohio and come down the mountain. Since moving here 10 years ago we've seen restaurants come and go, and our own favorites and tastes have changed over time. We are now big fans of food trucks, which rotate their locations each day of the week so there's always something new to be enjoyed in the parking lot at the Wedge or at The Brew Pump down the street.

Last weekend food trucks participated in the Asheville Food Truck Showdown. Here's a little personal work from my family's visit to the event. Delicious!