LIFE: Luca's Baptism / by Carrie Turner

Baptism is faith in action
— Watchman Nee

My mother always said that baptisms made her cry. I have to say I've inherited this trait, tears forming in my eyes as the newly blessed infant is held up to those gathered, presented into the care of the community for a lifetime of faith, love, and growth. 

As a photographer, my greatest honor is in being asked to witness and record important moments in my client's lives - be they extraordinary or everyday. In these moments, I am often so enthralled with the emotion of the day that I have tears in my eyes, blinking them away as I click the shutter. This was of course the case as I photographed Luca's baptism, surrounded by close family and friends, beside the waters of the creek that runs through Hickory Nut Gap Farm. It was indeed a beautiful place and time for such a moment, and a lovely step in Luca's life of faith.

Sweet Luca - blessings on you and your family, always.