About Me. 

Short Version: I love photography. I photograph weddings, couples in love, families, babies being born, baptisms, food and drink, people in joy and in sorrow, musicians and artists, and anything else I see. I photograph BOLD ADVENTURES and everyday moments. I go for authenticity, beautiful light, real emotion, and the details and fragments that get overlooked. I love telling stories with my images. 

Photo courtesy of Dana Andreasson

Photo courtesy of Dana Andreasson

I love espresso, popcorn, ice cream, bubbly water, fresh herbs, cooking, knitting, writing, Fiestaware, my husband, my kids, and my pets. I love the mountains and the ocean. I love my bike. I like listening to music, but I like silence, too. I'm for loyal and passionate friendship and love. If you like my work and what I've said here, contact me. I would love to walk part of the journey with you, camera in hand. 

Y'all Means All: My business proudly does not discriminate against anyone for any reason. I strongly believe in equality, inclusion, and compassion. I welcome all people with open arms, including my LGBTQ brothers and sisters. Peace, y'all! 

Long version: Photography is something that's been part of my life for so long, I don't really remember my life before photography. As a kid I found my mother's discarded Kodak Instamatic in our kitchen cabinet, behind an old cigar box full of postage stamps and pens. Square, slightly yellowed photographs of my brother and I as children had been created by this camera. It required 126 film, which came wrapped in little yellow foil packages that I loved tearing open. I spent my childhood exploring our 40 acres in Southeastern Ohio, snapping photos of rocks and trees, flowers in the garden, and all of our pets. When I clicked the shutter and wound the film forward, the little plastic teeth inside the camera grinding along, I knew something magical was happening. This is the feeling I am seeking every time I use my camera, even after all these years. 

In high school, I got my hands into darkroom chemicals and fell deeper in love. In college, I pursued a degree in Photojournalism at the Ohio University School of Visual Communications. At the time, photojournalists still shot on film. I spent many hours in the cool of the darkroom in Seigfried Hall, winding film onto spools, peering into pans of developer to see what I had captured. I studied abroad in the Scotland Field School for Photojournalism, with esteemed National Geographic photographer Annie Griffiths-Belt. We shot on rich slide films like Velvia and Supra, which soaked up the light and color of the British Isles like tiny sponges. At the end of my studies I worked at a newspaper in Michigan, sweating and nervous under deadline as I wrestled with the paper's ancient Welch-Allyn developing machine, praying the sports photos I'd shot were properly rolled so they'd develop. 

I followed a meandering path after college, but my camera was always a part of my life. Anytime I was doing anything I loved or cared about, my camera was there. I went to graduate school, got married, moved to a little town in Western North Carolina, and started a family. With an infant in the house, the need to document became big and urgent, and photography started growing back into my life in full force right along with our firstborn. 

Not long after our daughter was born, I started my business in Asheville, NC. I've been blessed to photograph many different people at momentous times in their lives. I've photographed babies being born, vows being spoken, music being recorded, art being created. Subjects have become friends, brides have become mothers, musicians who could at one time barely afford to book a photo session have become famous.

Every photograph I take enriches my life. I love photography, and I always will. 



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